Thursday, November 19, 2009

The Minor Leagues Are Something Major

Ben Walpole wishes he were British, fronting Pulp in 1995. Patrick Helmes wishes he
were playing lead for Megadeth in 1988. But cruel fate has instead placed them both in the Minor Leagues, playing insidiously catchy indiepop for most of the last decade from their Cincinnati, Ohio homebase.

It's truly amazing how much the members contrast but at the same time how much they work together to create absolutely fabulous pop music. These guys are so hyper active and perky that their songs are by far more cheery then either of their contemporaries (obviously Megadeth). It really shouldn't work at all, and in listening to Minor Leagues, you kind of just wait for the killer mosh riff to show up or some line of sexual perversion to whisk but they never do. Instead, this all works out so well and the songs are so good that it's truly amazing.

Joined live by John Kathman (Nirvana, 1993), Josh Combs (Kinks, 1967), Luke McGlasson
(Specials, 1978), Amanda Lee Anderson (Belle & Sebastian, 1999) and Hilly Kenkel
(Ronettes, 1962), the Minor Leagues are preparing to take their now-septet on the road this fall and winter, touring the Midwest and beyond in support of their new record entitled This Story Is Old, I Know, But It Goes On.

Download: Good Boys
Download: Love That Never Was

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