Friday, August 12, 2011

Big Wave Riders Ride One In

Big Wave Riders hail from Helsinki, Finland. They are inspired by waves, echoes and experimental rhythms with an electronic touch.

Influenced by the music that touched them most when they were teenagers, of which they have difficulty naming,  Big Wave Riders are yet another fantastic Scandinavian group that seem to have mastered the art of finely crafted pop music.  They're pretty humble about it though.  To quote Big Wave Riders “Our music is not trying to fit into any certain genre. We make music without mathematics or accurate calculations. The songs are fast, slow, rhythmic and with variety”

Perhaps a bit like The Drums with their "surf," influence and maybe even a bit like them because of their sound (slightly a stretch), the guys are armed with fantastic songs and "Behind These Walls," proves it.

Download: Behind These Walls


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