Wednesday, November 21, 2012

We'll be right back...

Hey Folks...I know some of you have been wondering where the hell we've been. Well first it was vacation in October and well this month it's been recovering from last month. With that being said...we're taking December off as well. There's a TON of other stuff we have to take care of here at HQ and it needs to get done sooner rather than later. So with that in mind, we'll be back January 1 and hopefully we'll have a few surprises for you then. You'll just have to wait for that though...

Thanks as always for the support...and to quote the Mickey Mouse Club..."See You Real Soon..."

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Why? Get Mumps

Nipping at the ragged heels of their eagerly devoured Sod in the Seed EP (which you can download for FREE here), WHY? at last unleash their fifth long-player, Mumps, etc, a meticulous work of morbid fascination and offbeat romanticism dubbed Mumps, etc. Though there is a mysterious sickness (perhaps of the mind) that lurks about these thirteen songs, one might also imagine the title as describing the musical state of these three Midwestern men as they bring their sound into glisteningly buff focus.

Yoni Wolf, brother Josiah and Doug McDiarmid are in the pocket, the unbreakable rock core at the center of a spinning ball of sonic kaleidoscopie. And all the things we love about them are still true: the grinning sun-warped choruses, that jangly Western lope, those confessionals cut with wry wit and crude details, set dancing down the odd knots of complex poetic daisy chains. It's just that ... well, all of it sounds better than ever this time around.

You can hear this for yourself as WHY? is on tour.
Here are the dates...
10.05 Düsseldorf, Germany: New Fall Festival
10.06 Evreux, France: L'Abordage
10.07 Paris, France: Maroquinerie
10.08 Brighton, England: Old Market
10.09 London, England: Electric Ballroom
10.10 Manchester, England: Central Methodist Church
10.11 Bristol, England: Fleece
10.12 Glasgow, Scotland: SWG3
10.13 Oxford, England: The Bullingdon
10.15 Berlin, Germany: Volksbühne

10.18 Cincinnati, OH Lois & Richard Rosethal Center for Contemporary Art Black Box Theatre
10.20 Pittsburgh, PA Altar
10.24 Richmond, VA Canal Club
10.25 Athens, GA 40 Watt
10.26 Jacksonville, FL Jack Rabbits
10.27 Orlando, FL The Social
10.28 Tampa, FL Crowbar
10.29 Tallahassee, FL Club Downunder
10.30 Mobile, AL Alabama Music Box
10.31 Baton Rouge, LA Spanish Moon
11.01 Houston, TX Walter's
11.02 Dallas, TX Sons of Hermann Hall
11.03 Austin, TX Fun Fun Fun Fest
11.05 St. Louis, MO Luminary Arts

Download:  Jonathan's Hope
Download: Probable Cause
Revised 3.0 Version (with Twitter button)

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Herve Knows Night Turns Into Day

The third single from Hervé’s acclaimed debut album, Pick Me Up, Sort Me Out, Calm Me Down, comes in the shape of the club thumping Night Turns Into Day, featuring the vocal charms of Lottie Tricity.

Hervé, under his various guises, has built a reputation on club anthems and the title track is no exception, with blistering bass, pounding kicks and big room keys all coming to the fore. All this power is complimented perfectly by the subtle vocal musings of Lottie, who lifts the track into slightly more pop territory, without loosing any of its club bite.

Download: Night Turns Into Day (Mighty Mouse Remix)

Neov's Windvane Released

Hailing from a small village in eastern Finland, two brothers Anssi and Samuli Neuvonen started making music way back when they were children.  They formed the band Neufvoin, released a few well-received EPs and toured throughout Europe. But, after a series of line up changes, the members started a new life in 2012 under the name Neøv.

Several areas of the band's hometown, Kuopio, are built on islands as the city is surrounded by lakes. As one might suspect such an environment worked it's way into the sound of the band.  Their songs are expansive but quiet, grandiose but intimate.  And when it boils down to it...good.

They've just released a new single and Korallreven remix of 'Windvane.' Windvane previews the band's debut album, Orange Morning, to be released this winter and produced by members of Rubik.

Download: Windvane
Download: Windvane (Korallraven Remix)

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Lost on Indian Trails

Indian Trails was formed in early 2011, when Nico and Antti thought they wanted to try and do something musically lighter after five years of mostly hard-rock band experiments. In early summer of 2011 Jouni Mathias was found via internet and after first practice he joined the group and the band was officially born.  Leo Richard and Joel Alex joined the band at early winter 2011

The groups first single and song they wrote together was "Lights," which was later recorded and now released. After a year of so of writing music it was time to record first EP.  Called Brighter Night was released in April.

Download: Anchor

Hyperheart Will Fill You Up

Unlike so many Swedish bands, Hyperheart doesn't sound frivolous, jolly, or jangly,  Oh no, Hyperheart are far to detached and electronic for that.  This is a group who embraces the stark conditions in which their country is often thrown in and use it to their advantage.  The result is clinically precise synth pop that sounds as expansive as a snow covered continent.

Hyperheart's latest single Fill Me Up is just like that...detached and epic but none the less absolutely gorgeous.  If you can imagine the Tindersticks and Depeche Mode lost in a land of synths and snow you know exactly where Hyperheart are coming from.  It's all a bit harsh and blunt but in that tough love kind of way.

Download: Swallow

Lets Release A hitRECord

hitRECord, Joseph Gordon-Levitt's open collaborative production company who have just released a double vinyl album Move On The Sun. As part of their quarterly subscription series, the hitRECorderly, 78 artists including Wilco’s Nels Cline, Cibo Matto & Joseph Gordon-Levitt himself came together to make Move On The Sun, a genre spanning spectacle in the form of a double vinyl album.

Gordon-Levitt (Dark Knight Rises, Looper, 50/50, 500 Days of Summer) launched hitRECord in 2010 as a professional production company that uses the Internet to collaborate with artists (100,000 and counting) from all over the world, forming a community around the art they make together. Artists of all creative focuses (video, audio, image, text) can log on and contribute to hitRECord. As with all hitRECord productions, if and when an artist’s work is used, hitRECord splits the profits 50-50.

Download: Moving Hollows - Move On The Sun
Download: Ryan Patrick - Electric Loss