Thursday, February 24, 2011

They're Genius I Tell You Genius.

Team Genius are really genius. No joke. Their simple take on indie pop at times sounds like the Cars, Weezer, and Papas Fritas.

With hooks large enough to reel in a whale shark, and understated simplicity that makes their songs irresistable it's almost impossible to NOT like this band.

Team Genius will be releasing their latest album in the summer but before that they'll be releasing three EP's beginning in April. You should consider these rays of sunshiny pop essential purchases.

If you don't believe me, I challenge you to listen to "Making Myths," and not walk away humming it.

Download: Make Myths

Fergus and Geronimooooooooooooo

Fergus & Geronimo are named after the rival child gang leaders from the 1994 movie War Of The Buttons, their music is at times both focused and loose, and comes from a wide range of unexpected influences. At the core of the group is Jason Kelly and Andrew Savage, who met while Kelly was recording and mixing a record for Teenage Cool Kids, a band started by Savage. During that four month process of recording, Kelly and Savage bonded over music, the creative process of recording, and the possibility of having a band that draws from a variety of sources.

Black and Chicano doo-wop, the energy and atmosphere of classic soul, the precise control of Frank Zappa, psychedelia, and a thought to nearly everything in between. "Sparks is a pretty big influence - not just musically, but the way that band operates," Savage adds. "It is two guys making weird music with no other agenda than being creative and surprising, and that's what I want this band to be. That band is a great example of a group that makes no compromises for creativity."

Download: Powerful Lovin'

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Prepare The Death Kit

Death Kit is a band formed in response to a Los Angeles indie rock scene too witheringly lazy to pursue the potential and precision of electronica. To a dance music culture that’s chained to its laptops and bereft of its original sex and violence. To the cigarette-jeaned maw in their neighborhood of Echo Park who don’t take a certain joy in the craven niceness and seasonless daze of their hometown at the end of the world.

And that's why Death Kit are so good at what they do...they take a different approach.

Devadasi is Death Kit’s first single for Fort Lowell Records. There are shards of Liquid Liquid, Arvo Part, Sade and Basic Channel in it. A “devadasi” is a young woman conscripted into prostitution in the service of a Hindu deity. The B-side, meanwhile, is a remix of “I Can Make You Love Me.” It will be available from Fort Lowell on the 22nd of February.

Download: Devadasi

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Moving Houses

It only seems appropriate as my spend my days packing my father's house for his move I stumble across a band called Houses. Talk about timing. While there sound has nothing to do with moving per se, their name takes the cake...from one house to the next I rather like their lithium like sound...especially after a day of packing boxes. Ugh.

As announced last week, Houses will be joining Baths and Braids for part of their ongoing US tour. If you live in one of these lucky states, definitely make your way out to the show, you won't be disappointed.

Feb 16 2011 - Mercury Lounge - New York, NY*
Feb 17 2011 - Brighton Music Hall - Allston, MA*
Feb 21 2011 - Skully’s Music Diner - Columbus, OH*
Feb 22 2011 - The Canopy - Urbana, IL*
Feb 23 2011 - Gabe’s - Iowa City, IA*
Feb 24 2011 - 7th Street Entry - Minneapolis, MN*
Feb 25 2011 - Der Rathskellar - Madison, WI*
Feb 26 2011 - Subterranean - Chicago, IL*

Download: Soak It Up <--- that's for the clean up portion of the move

Saturday, February 5, 2011

James Yuill Preps New Record For US Release

London-based electronic musician James Yuill has announced the US release of his sophomore album, Movement in Storm via Moshi Moshi on February 22nd. The followup to Yuill's acclaimed debut, Turning Down Water For Air, Yuill was inspired by the likes of Modeselektor and Apparat for Movement, which has a decidedly more electronic feel to it, yet still includes the decidedly delicate songs that he is known for.

A man with a quasi-monastic lifestyle, Yuill is never happier than when he's making music, alone in his Dalston flat, entirely oblivious to the whims of the east London scene, or the rules and regulations of wider music culture. Here, in his spare bedroom studio, there's no contradiction between delivering a series of acclaimed remixes for other artists (We Have Band, Tilly & The Wall, Au Revoir Simone....), raving about Take That - "Gary Barlow is a genius" - or his teenage obsession with Nirvana. That's James Yuill's world. And he's happy in it.

Download: Give You Away (Finale Edit)

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Holy Ghost!

Known around the globe for their party starting singles and their unparalleled ability to get bodies moving on the dance floor, Holy Ghost! have developed from an in demand DJ duo to a full live band crafting disco-tinged pop songs that satisfy equally on the dance floor and in a car. "I didn't want to limit myself to making an album that could only be played in clubs," says Alex. Nick adds, "We were trying to make something that people would want to listen to front to back at home."

The 10-song LP will include a few guest appearances from the likes of Luke Jenner from the Rapture, Chris Glover from Penguin Prison, and Michael McDonald…and yes, it is that Michael McDonald!

And despite having some of the worst lyrics on the planet (they rival Noel Gallagher's words of wisdom) the tunes are ridiculously catchy. The day dance music learns how to be literate it'll cease to be booty shaking fodder and cross over into a serious art form. Until then give praise to Holy Ghost! and give tithing's in the form of album purchases.

Download: Do It Again

Classic Brothers Go Off

Classic Brothers are a duo from Holland with a strong opinion about everything and work ethics you won’t easily find anywhere else. So what are they on about?

“We like simplicity with a purpose, but don’t like ‘minimal’ when that means ‘my first beat’. We love electro, but don’t understand why it has to be stuck in the 80s so often. We love clubs, but shake our heads at the music for kids-melodies that some dj’s allow in their trance. We love hip hop but sure had enough of “nothing new under the sun” again and again. We love R&B, b... Oh yadaa yadaa...We are the Classic Brothers”

Their album Off is finished and will be released in March 2011. It reflects the Brothers’ vast array of influences, from Siriusmo to Dilla, from Pharell to Mr. Oizo. Call it what you want, it has weird shifting beats, smooth female vocals, wonky basslines and adventurous arrangements.

While the album hasn't been released yet, you can enjoy their latest work below. Grab a bag of chips, crank up your speakers (sorry, ear buds have no power...get a real stereo son.)

Download: Classic Brothers - Munchies (Rimer London Remix)

The Seedy Seeds Grow

The Seedy Seeds are Margaret Darling (guitar, accordion, vocals), Mike Ingram (banjo, vocals), and Brian Penick (lights, percussion). Since forming in 2005 the band have steadily built a profile for themselves throughout the Midwest and indie music community at various points sharing the stage with just about everyone under the sun.

With their new album, Verb Noun the band take their sound and expand it sound, blending elements of electronica with the typically analog sounds of banjo, strings, and vocal harmonies.

It works out pretty well. They're kind of twee, kind of jangly, kind of pogotastic. They're a little bit of everything that joyous and good about indie pop and that's what it's so easy to fall for them. The Seedy Seeds...literally will grown on you.

Download: Verb Noun