Thursday, February 25, 2010

Aciiiiiid Pauli

Call me biased, but when you're name is some play on my name, I kind of feel obligated to post your tracks. Acid Pauli is better known as Console in the ever popular Notwist. But when he's not touring with that band, he hole's himself up and creates bleepy minimal bliss.

He's pretty good at it too. With tracks on Compost and DOXA, he's obviously accumulating a bit of a good reputation. With slow build ups that are tense and layered, his tunes eventually explode into a frenzy of chaotic glitches. Throw in some strange influences and you have a guy that produces tracks that are out there and far more melodic than your average minimal techno track.

Download: Nil
Download: Mississippi

Lovvers Call Back

Although originally hailing from different parts of the UK, Lovvers formed whilst all four members were living in Nottingham in 2006. They are a strange mix of music's forgotten blank generation, re-calling the spirit of Darby Crashes' Germs, the weirdness of Flipper, Wipers-style pop and the carefree attitude of The Replacements.

Having released four noisy seven-inch singles (three on the Jonson Family record label and one a 4 way band split release on OIB records) the band signed to Wichita Recordings in 2008 and released the "Think" EP that same year and their debut full-length OCD Go Go Go Girls in late-2009. With four US visits, three proper US tours, SXSW and CMJ dates under their collective belts they shared countless stages with many bands including Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Kurt Vile, Butthole Surfers, No Age, Times New Viking, Jay Reatard, Awesome Color, Mika Miko, Fucked Up, Black Lips, Brutal Knights, Los Campesinos!, Strange Boys, Intelligence and Boss Hog.

Now, they're back again ready to rip up America once again. If you like raw,spiky, pop music that will remind you of so many classic British band your head spins then Lovvers are your band. Having just listened to Skids on repeat for the last two days, I can't help but make the comparison between the two. Comparisons aside, Lovvers are quirk pop with spikiness and a pop sensibility second to none. If you're headed to SXSW they're playing approximately 697,397,439 shows in Austin. Go see them.

Download: OCD Go Go Girls

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

I've Got Chinese Christmas Cards

To hear them say in their own words, Chinese Christmas Cards pretty much get straight to the point.

"We always meet in a little room and we make music because we love it. We love song-writing and electronic music so we mix both in our songs. We use a computer, guitars, synthesizers and other instruments and electronic devices. We hope you like our music." It doesn't get more to the point than that.

As for the band themselves, Chinese Christmas Cards join the long list of emerging artists from Barcelona (Delorean, John Talabot, The Requesters, Buffetlibre, Sidechains, etc). After winning last LEVI'S Unfamous Music Awards 2009, Chinese Christmas Cards are glad to offer their new single as free download.

We should be thankful for that, because, "Welcome To Life," is a sunshiny springlike tune that in a sea of snow and cold weather is like a beacon of happiness. It's blissful beautiful pop music that's a perfect balance between indie pop and electronics.

Download: Welcome To Life

They're Loose Cannons

From the guilty pleasure department....

From the casino rooftops of Vegas to the New Year’s crowds of the Australian festivals The Loose Cannons have come a long, long way from their humble beginnings in a bedsit in South London, to being amongst the UK’s most critically, media and industry acclaimed Artists, DJ/Producers and Radio Broadcasters.

In the UK, their show on world-famous dance music radio station Kiss ( won a Specialist Award at the prestigious Sony Radio Awards in it’s 1st year on air and has subsequently tripled it’s audience share.

2010 sees forthcoming remixes on their own imprint Govt Records for Lady Gaga, Beyonce, Timbaland, Katie Perry and the Sugababes, as well as working on a new studio album and live show. As well as, Forthcoming mixes for Boston heavy-hitters Hot Pink Delorean, and Potty Mouth records keeping the heat on the dancefloors…And it all starts right here with this slice of candy coated sweetness. This is such a brilliant re-work and I'm not afraid to admit it. They've taken the already ridiculously gorgeous Katy Perry and made her and this tune hotter. Bubbling drums and gurgling synths straight out of Carnivale take "If We Meet Again," into the stratosphere. Guilty pleasure...oh you know it.

Download: If We Meet Again (Loose Cannons Blame it On Rio Mix)

Monday, February 22, 2010

Falling Hard For The Shout Out Louds

In celebration of the February 23 release of their upcoming album, Work (Merge Records), Sweden's Shout Out Louds are offering the single "Fall Hard."

Work is the band's third album and second for Merge. It was recorded in Seattle and produced by Phil Ek (The Shins, Fleet Foxes, Band of Horses). After a year of touring behind their acclaimed second record, Our Ill Wills, the band went their separate ways -- singer/main songwriter Adam Olenius to Melbourne, Australia, keyboard/vocalist Bebban Stenborg to Los Angeles, drummer Eric Edman, bassist Ted Malmros and guitarist Carl von Arbin back to Stockholm - and took a much needed break. Olenius wrote many of the new songs in Australia in a tiny room, with a little synthesizer, an acoustic guitar and Garageband on his laptop. He passed them on to the others who listened closely from their corners of the world, questioning and challenging him until the songs that make up Work had all passed the test.

Shout Out Louds will be hitting the road throughout the Spring. Here are the dates throughout May...

01 Mar New York / Brooklyn, Music Hall of Williamsburg SOLD OUT!
02 May Washington, 9:30 Club
03 May Philadelphia, First Unitarian Church
05 May New York, Webster Hall
06 May Boston, Paradise
07 May Montreal, Cabaret Music Hall
08 May Toronto, Mod Club
10 May Chicago, Lincoln Hall
11 May Minneapolis, Varsity Theater
14 May Vancouver, Commodore Ballroom
15 May Seattle, Neumos
16 May Portland, Doug Fir
18 May San Francisco, Great American Music Hall
21 May Los Angeles, El Rey

Download: Walls
Download: Fall Hard (Passion Pit Remix)

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Bettie Serveert Visit The Pharmacy of Love

If the Cap'n Jazz reunion was a blast from the past, how about the fact that Dutch indie rockers Bettie Serveert are back with a new album, Pharmacy of Love. Out March 23 via Second Motion Records in the US, Pharmacy of Love marks Bettie Serveert's first release in four years and is sure to satisfy the craving we've been having.

With the band employing a "back to basics" approach, Pharmacy of Love captures the kind of raw, contagious energy that has long characterized Bettie Serveert's live shows. Recorded earlier this year in a Belgian recording studio, founding members Carol van Dyk (vocals/guitar), Peter Visser (guitar) and Herman Bunskoeke (bass) were joined on the new album by special guest Joppe Molenaar (of the Dutch band Voicst) on drums. From the urgent "Deny All" to the anguished album closer, "What They Call Love," Pharmacy of Love is a masterful collection of songs that are by turns raucous, shimmering and shiver-inducing as they examine the vagaries of life and love.

Download: Deny All

Cap'n Jazz Returns...

Jade Tree is thrilled to announce that one of its most influential and popular titles, Cap'n Jazz's seminal discography Analphabetapolothology, will be released on vinyl for the very first time on June 15th. A little over ten years have passed since the original CD release the label is proud to give the record the proper proper full featured vinyl issue that it deserves. As Cap'n Jazz has grown in popularity, so has the demand for the anthology on vinyl and they were more than happy to put together a package well worth the wait.

The Analphabetapolothology double LP will be packaged in a deluxe gatefold album jacket with plenty of bonus material not included with the original CD release, including never before seen photos, show fliers, and new liner notes by Tim Kinsella. Further details and pre-order info for the release are to be announced.

There is more. As you may have heard, Cap'n Jazz played a short surprise set in January. Well, the show went so well that the band has decided to reunite again, starting at the Bottom Lounge in Chicago on July 17th with select dates soon to follow. This summer will be your one chance to see Cap'n Jazz live.

Download: Oh Messy Life

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

He's One Heck Of A Motorboater

Most pop songs can be categorized as no more then guilty pleasures, but we all know the truth about why people like them. Sometimes you just want something you can just turn off, sing along and enjoy. Well for those that are looking for something a little more cerebral might enjoy the sweet and sour mismatch of All-American good girl pop icon Taylor Swift and bad girl Uffie from new kid on the block...Motorboater.

While you can barely make out Uffie and she's barely in the tune long enough to figure it out but the song is still syrupy sweet and seeing as though it's 6am as I write sounds pretty damn good. Sweet pure pop goodness from the world of the Billboard Top 40 given a bit of a beat.

Download: You Belong With Me (TSwift vs. Uffie First Love Remix)

Wallpaper. Back Again

Saying that Oakland's Wallpaper. had a great 2009 would be an understatement. They released to their debut album, were featured on the cover of SF Weekly, performed alongside Kid Cudi, Peaches, Amanda Blank and others, and remixed a song that landed them a "Best New Music" nod from Pitchfork and on MTV's Top 10 songs of 2009. Don't expect things to slow down anytime soon.

To kick off 2010, the duo will be headlining Slim's in San Francisco as part of the Noise Pop Festival. To help promote Noise Pop, Wallpaper. will be performing live on the air on Live 105 with Dan Black on February 25th. Following Noise Pop, Wallpaper. will head to Texas for the SXSW Festival, where last year, The Onion's AV Club proclaimed their "...favorite part of the week."

Download: DDD(Menya Remix)
Download: Hood Internet vs. Wallpaper vs. Little Boots

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Sour Notes Sound Good

Based in Austin, Texas, The Sour Notes consists of members Jared Boulanger (singer/songwriter/guitar/bass), Chris Page(guitar/piano/synthesizer), Travis Hackett (drums/percussion) and Elaine Greer (vocals/organ/synthesizer). They're known for experimenting in many different musical genres accompanied by female guest vocalists.

The band first formed in 2007, and soon expanded to include Elaine Greer, who added depth to the band's vocals. It's Not Gonna Be Pretty is the third full-length release from the hard working quartet, which released in Jan. 2010. The band has already accomplished the ever-difficult task of winning over the critical eyes and ears of the musical haven of Austin, Texas, and are now pushing themselves into the national spotlight.

The tunes are noisy, swirly and sound like they've blown through sheets of distortion to get to you. It's good stuff that's as dreamy as it is rough. Entertaining stuff then.

Download: Doers and Sayers

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Titus Andronicus are Civil War Buffs

Not only is Titus Andronicus one hell of a band, they've written the press release of the year. I posted the best bits of it...and if more press releases were like this I think the music industry would still be thriving. Maybe.

The New Jersey indie rock band Titus Andronicus has recorded a new album, a follow-up to our 2008 (2009?) release, The Airing of Grievances. This new album, The Monitor, will see release thanks to our friends at XL Recordings on March 9th, 2010, the 148th anniversary of the Battle of Hampton Roads, wherein the U.S.S. Monitor and the C.S.S. Virginia entered into their epic struggle off the coast of Virginia.

The Monitor is more or less a "concept album" – that is to say, it uses the American Civil War of 1861-1865 as an extended metaphor for the concerns addressed in a somewhat linear narrative. In said narrative, our hero leaves his humble birthplace of New Jersey - the oppressive and stifling qualities of which were discussed ad nauseam about one album ago – for the greener pastures of Boston, Massachusetts s. His thesis – "the enemy is everywhere" – is put to the ultimate test as he pontificates on the topics of regional identity, emotional anesthetization, and the heavy yoke of trying to live decently in indecent times. All the while, he is forced to wonder whether said American Civil War was truly won or lost, or even completed. Will he find the supportive environment and like-minded compatriots he dreams of? Or will he be forced to leave his newly adopted home in ideological disgrace? What does it mean to be an American in 2009 anyway?

Blah blah blah Springsteen blah blah blah beer blah blah blah beard blah blah blah Shakespeare yadda yadda yadda Seinfeild blah blah blah Conor Oberst in a vat of acid blah blah blah books.

The Monitor will be available as a compact disc or as a double vinyl LP, both with gorgeous artwork by Nolen Strals, vocalist of Double Dagger and co-author of the recently published textbook, Lettering and Type, or in regular old MP3 format, featuring no gorgeous artwork at all.

Download: Four Score and Seven Part One
Download: Four Score and Seven Part Two

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Mike Monday on a Monday...

Mike Monday is rather fine producer from London. He does wonky housey stuff, kind of, but it's much more than that. His stuff is always musically and rhythmically quirky and inventive, and he is a perennial DJ and press favourite. His last two albums (on Playtime and Om Records respectively) showed off his musical breadth and won him all kinds of critical acclaim. He's also got a release coming up on the seminal Get Physical, which you should definitely track down.

Mike has recently put together a rather splendid unofficial remix of the excellent "Girls" by Animal Collective and he has asked me to share it with you. And who are we at POP! Stereo to refuse him, so here you go folks...a nightcap!

Download: Animal Collective - Girls (Mike Monday's Unofficial Remix) (via Mediafire)

Buffetlibre Give PEACE A Chance

Three weeks before the official launch of the PEACE compilation, Buffetlibre announce the latest additions to this new initiative, co-produced by Amnesty International, that will include new exclusive songs by musicians from over 50 countries, building the first musical atlas in the net. PEACE will be released on March 1, 2010, given for free to all those who, through the official PEACE website, make a minimum donation of € 2 in favor of the NGO Amnesty International. All benefits will go to Amnesty International to stand up for humanity and human rights. Their purpose is to protect individuals wherever justice, fairness, freedom and truth are denied.

To the long list of previously announced participants, featuring Ryuichi Sakamoto, Marc Almond and The Low Anthem, the ensemble of artists who are part of PEACE is completed with artists such as Micah P Hinson (USA), Mogwai (UK), Stereo Total (Germany), The Pet Conspiracy (China), The Hidden Cameras (Canada),Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin (USA), Keren Ann (Israel), Jori Hulkkonen (Finland), Martha Galarraga (Cuba), Kiala (Congo), Heiddy Happy (Switzerland) in collaboration with Paul Niehaus from Calexico, and Titi Robin (France). With these additions, 56 countries are represented in the compilation, by some of its best artists.

Buffetlibre is glad to offer PEACE's first single as free-download mp3. The choosen song is "Mike", written and composed by Ivri Lider, one of Israel's most successful singer/songwriters. Ivri Lider's catalog is remarkable both for its sonic diversity and consistent popularity. Since his debut album in 1997, the multi-instrumentalist has seen each of his six albums achieve gold or platinum status and Lider taking home Male Singer of the Year. Over the past decade, he has explored numerous genres ranging from acoustic ballads and pop to rock and electronic music. He is currently working with internationally acclaimed producer Andy Green (Keane) on his next album.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Frog Eyes' Trimphant Return

Three years in the making, Paul’s Tomb: A Triumph marks Frog Eyes’ thunderous, frantic, fiery return. This is a slow-brewed masterpiece that is unmistakably Frog Eyes, a new album that was very much worth the wait. This is one band that keeps getting better and better and this album proves that.

This is an album with weight. It's wrapped in a gauze of fuzz, but a fuzz that's neither yesteryear nor painfully now. Paul's Tomb: A Triumph is neither overly modern nor awkwardly vintage, and it contains a depth and bombast that's not only absent in Frog Eyes' previous work, it's absent from most contemporary music.

Download: A Flower In A Glove

Butterfly Explosion

The Butterfly Explosion are a band from Ireland that blend powerful spiraling music with delicate vocals to form rich soundscapes of beautiful melodies, gliding between moments of ethereal dreampop and explosive sonic bliss.

Originally a solo home project of Gazz Carr, Butterfly Explosion has developed into a full blown band, releasing two EPs independently and touring North America, Ireland and UK. After doing pretty well by themselves, they're finaly preparing their debut full length album for release.

Entitled, Lost Trails, the album was produced by Torsten Kinsella (God Is An Astronaut) and will released March 1st 2010 through Revive Records. Following the debut album release, Butterfly Explosion will be touring between the UK(February) and Europe(April-May) with God Is An Astronaut, as well as the USA(March) where they will be performing at the SXSW music festival in Austin, Texas.

Download: Closer
Download: Chemistry

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Causing More Popular Damage

Dance + Electro + Pop = Popular Damage. Thus was the simple algebra behind the 2007 genesis of the collaborative project between Manchester-born Nadine Raihani and Stephan Hengst. Berlin’s post-rock and indie scene was the common denominator which brought these two forces together in their quest perfect the formula for dance-worthy pop music.

Popular Damage is a real child of the noughties: the Internet has played a key medium behind the project using free track give-aways as an instrumental role in spreading Popular Damage’s infectious dance-electro-pop inventions amid their loyal following and beyond. Their back once again, doing just everyone say thank you.

This time they tackle The xx's Crystalised. They slice, dice it, and rearrange it then put it back together again and unleash it on the dancefloor and results are an epic punked up monster.

Download: Crystalised

Beware of the Phantogram

Here's a bonus LOST commerical post...

The Saratoga Springs, NY duo of Josh Carter and Sarah Barthel, known collectively as Phantogram, are preparing to barnstorm the nation multiple times in 2010. In celebration of the release of their debut LP, Eyelid Movies (out February 9th on Barsuk), the band will be hitting the East Coast this week and also playing a few Midwest dates. You can listen to the record in its entirety on NPR all week.

If you ever wondered if Trip Hop would be en vogue again, Phantogram , answer that question with a resounding YES. Picking up somewhere near where Portishead and the Sneaker Pimps left off in 1998, Phantogram create loopy songs based around old vinyl, depression, and a beat. It's mesmerizing stuff that's as seductive as it is disheartened which always makes for good tunes.

Tour Dates:
2/3 – State College, PA @ State Theatre *
2/4 – Allentown, PA @ Crocodile Rock *
2/5 – Clifton Park, NY @ Northern Lights *
2/8 – Portsmouth, NH @ Red Door ^
2/9 – Allston, MA @ Great Scott ^
2/11 – Brooklyn, MA @ Union Hall ^
2/12 – New York, NY @ Mercury Lounge ^
2/13 – Philadelphia, PA @ Kung Fu Necktie ^
2/15 – Washington, DC @ DC 9 ^
2/16 – Columbus, OH @ Treehouse ^
2/17 – Chicago, IL @ Schubas ^
2/18 – Minneapolis, MN @ 7th St Entry ^
2/20 – Toronto, ON @ Drake Hotel ^
2/21 – Montreal @ Il Motore ^
2/22 – Winooski, VT @ Monkey House ^
* w/ Minus the Bear
^ w/ Junk Culture

Download: When I'm Small

Causing A SCNDL

Quick post here in between commericals...I'm watching LOST, but there's always time to post a killer tune.

Here is one.

Causing quite a scandal since their return, Manhattan's SCNDL have crept from out of the dark streets to back behind the console with a new release. Entitled, Need To Know the record is reminiscent and inspired by old Chicago House. Seems kind of ironic that I'm posting a track called Need To Know while watching a show that doesn't tell us half of what we need to know.

Anyway, Need To Know comes with a host of remixes from across the Atlantic including the UK's Lee Mortimer, Markus Lange and Stereo Funk, and Fukkk Off as well.

Sounds like a killer package if there ever was one...

Download: Need To Know (Markus Lange & StereoFunk Remix)

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Keep the Motor Running

After a successful run supporting Depeche Mode in Europe for their 2009 tour, New York and France-based dance-metal band MOTOR will release their third album, Hyper Machine, on Dim Mak Records, this February. Featuring MOTOR’s signature mix of metal, tight guitar riffs and funky techno beats that defined their previous releases, Klunk and Unhuman, the album also represents sonic growth for the band.

MOTOR is a two-man duo based out of both New York City and Nice, France. Although Bryan Black and Mr. No live on separate continents, their vision for their music is the same. “We wanted it to carry on the spirit of those first two records, but at the same time we had to break new ground. We knew after producing just a few rough demos that the new record was going to be seriously off the wall,” says Bryan. “We wanted to get back into the clubs with a fresh sound.”

“Kick It,” the first single off Hyper Machine, is an acid techno monster of a track that rocks. It's brutal in all the best ways. This is a tune that will beat you over the head with a 303, 808 and 909 until you get the picture and then drag your bloody body out to the dancefloor for a bit more punishment. Catchy, heavy, and throbbing like a pill munching beast from hell the tune will level all who oppose it. If Justice could write actual tunes this is what it would sound like.

Download: Kick It

Monday, February 1, 2010

Elaine Lachica Can See The Ocean From Her House

A musician since the age of 3, Elaine Lachica first knew she wanted to be a singer when, as a teenager, she heard Liz Fraser sing “Blue Bell Knoll” by the Cocteau Twins. It was then she started songwriting, and she hasn’t stopped since. I Think I Can See the Ocean is her third full-length, and her first label-backed album.

The dream like quality to her music could stem from the fact that she does most of her songwriting shortly after waking in the morning, when she is most creative and open to abstract material. Elaine’s unique musical journey brings about an unlikely pairing of her two influences to create songs that are simultaneously familiar and idiosyncratic. The album contains florid passages and intricate vocal arrangements which often stand in contrast to guitars that churn in dissonant counterpoint.

It's classic stuff in the making that will remind those of us who were around in the 90's of The Cocteaus, Anna Christensen and maybe a bit of Frente. She's gauzy and epic at times and then light and twee at others and her songs will make your heart tingle with dreamy delight. The girl can sigh with the best of them and as a result I Think I Can See the Ocean is a masterful record.

Download: Rapture
Download: Bewilder
Download: Behind My Mind

Oh No It's Godzilla!

Godzilla - a collaboration between label boss Dylan Rhymes and Tom Real who is better known for his work alongside The Rogue Element under the alias Disco of Doom.

Unsurprisingly given the track's name and the combined musical pedigree of those who made it the original is nothing short of a dancefloor destroying techno monster - slowly emerging from the deep before unleashing its full fury in the form of searing synths and a rolling bassline that promises to crush all those that dare stand in its sonic path! File this away under legendary as this timeless techno masterpiece.

As for the remix is the sound of Godzilla trampling everything in it's path. It's a marching, crushing, monster of a tune that builds from echoes and repetitive throbs into an explosion of a tune that the city of Tokyo should have nightmares about.

Download: Godzilla (Fussy Boy Remix)