Thursday, January 29, 2015

More Top Records From 2014

Bet you thought we wouldn't have two posts in two days?

See we really are back.  Really.

As promised we're continuing with our Top Records of 2014 while we prepare to start writing about stuff from 2015.

Up next and coming from Austin, Texas comes Susan who writes, "2014 was a crazy year...and my musical tastes were everywhere."

In no particular's her Top 8

Angel Olsen
Album:Burn Your Fire For No Witness
Song: Forgive Forgotten

Tele Novella
Album: Trouble in Paradise
Song: Trouble in Paradise

Les Sins
Album: Michael
Song: Bother Me

Album: Romance EP
Song: Hot Hands

De Lux
Album: Voyage
Song: Better at Making Time

This ones kind of a guilty pleasure now since i've OD'd hard on it...
Sylvan Esso
Album: Self Titled
Song: Coffee (although Mami was in my head for 5 months straight)

Pure X
Album: Angel
Song: Heaven

Album: Trouble
Song: Last Words
Got stuck in the rain between two freeways waiting for the city bus with this song on repeat. I wish there was a video but this is my favorite song on the album

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