Friday, August 31, 2012

The Asteroid Shop's Distant Luxury

Meet The Asteroid Shop; the brainchild of Eric Brendo.  As The Asteroid Shop Brendo takes the band into a world full of elegance & pain, of ease and tension all at once. This is especially evident on several tracks like “Dandelion,” “Destroyer” and “Ashes.” The band skims through the same vast sea as contemporaries Richard Hawley, Spiritualized and Richard Ashcroft and channeling, at once, the likes of Mazzy Star, early Pink Floyd, The Secret Machines and of course, My Bloody Valentine.

The Asteroid Shop is a rare treat for folks who still look for craft in their songs.To date the band has released a self-titled album and in 2012 the band has regroupled to create the new EP Distant Luxury which you can check out a track from below.

Download: Distant Luxury

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Head To The Outlands

OUTLANDS is the midnight duo of disco-noir extraordinaires Mark and Melissa, broadcasting their bewitching beats straight out of Blacksburg, VA. After sending around a demo of the single “Com Ocean,” the pair were picked up by cassette label, Chill Mega Chill Records. OUTLANDS retreated from the scene only to re-emerge a few months later bearing their entirely self-produced debut EP, a celestial concoction of Mark’s tripped-out dance beats and Melissa’s hauntingly sultry vocal melodies.

Existing somewhere between the four-on-the-floor thump of disco, the sensuality of 90s R&B, and the hypnotism of their electronic contemporaries, the resulting blend of sounds found on the OUTLANDS EP leaves it truly peerless. From the first subterranean, rumbling basslines of “The Looming” to the hi-gloss sheen of “Sisters/Lovers,” OUTLANDS has crafted a mesmerizing collection of songs that is destined to soundtrack the steamiest of after-hours dance parties.

Download: Com Ocean (Mirror Kisses Bad Dream Remix)

Jan Works For The City

JAN, aka Kim Talon, will release a self-titled debut album on November 13th. With riot grrrl-infused vocals, fuzzed out guitar lines, and blissed out grunge rhythms, JAN is a genre-straddling album that packs a mean punch.

Known for being the latter half of art-rock band Eagle and Talon, Kim is now joined by Chloe Saavedra (Smoosh) & Melinda Parks (Har Mar Superstar) when performing live. The album was produced by John Goodmanson (Blonde Redhead, The Gossip, Sleater-Kinney) in Seattle at London Bridge Studios.

Having collaborated with Reggie Watts and toured with Sia and Obi Best to name a few, Kim Talon’s talent explodes into the forefront on her new solo foray. JAN will be on tour in Fall 2012 – stay tuned for North American dates coming soon!

Download: Work For The City

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Reflections of Summer Days

The Reflections were born when Darian Zahedi and Jon Safley began collaborating together earlier this year, often sending ideas back and forth while on the road with other projects. Along with bassist, Brady Wills they finished up an album's worth of songs and spent the better part of Spring at Brightstreet Recorders with producer/engineer, Kenny Woods (Jenny Lewis, Lykke Li, Vampire Weekend).

A hypnotic blend of classic indie pop with dashes of chillwave melodies, "Summer Days" is the first offering of their debut full-length, Limerence, set to be released in early 2013.

Download: Summer Days

Monday, August 27, 2012

Head To Bear Mountain

Bear Mountain began as the bedroom project of Ian Bevis. After releasing early demos and remixes online, Ian caught the ear of long-time friend and collaborator Kyle Statham. Together, the two friends brought the sounds to the stage by blending live instrumentation with dance style electronics. Their sound has been described as a mixture between Cut Copy and Passion Pit, infusing lead singer Ian Bevis’ vulnerable and emotive vocals.

The debut album from Bear Mountain is titled XO, a collection of songs that is unmistakably fresh and powerfully captivating. From lush synth sounds and chopped vocal samples, to tropical drum beats and house drenched kicks, the album manages to capture the feeling of the infinite and the impossible, all rolled into one. In a world where dance music is being destroyed daily by nu-metal kids it's nice to see that someone remembers how to make uplifting stuff.  XO has just recently been released via the usual channels.

Download: Congo

Thursday, August 23, 2012

The Comtron Group Fights Fraud

The Comtron Group strives to be the acknowledged global 
leader in all rapidly evolving commercial markets. Unparalleled in their ability to understand market requirements, to anticipate evolving needs and to act as an indispensable resource we present to our investor relations The Comtron Groups latest innovation: 'Comtron, the electronic dance music act'

Recognizing the growing trend in mass entertainment industries, The Comtron Group acquired two Dutch producers and added them -provided with limitless financial resources and a clear set of instructions- to Comtrons vast legions of employees. These fine men took all necessary actions to create content for Comtron Groups Comtron, the electronic dance music act, resulting in tracks to be compiled on mass media carriers which will be marketed around the globe from now on under The Comtron Groups company motto: 

'Follow the Money'

Enjoy the lead single ‘Fraud’ from 099, the first EP that Comtron will be releasing on Magnetron Music.

Download: Fraud

James and Evander Get Remixed

After dropping their debut LP Bummer Pop, back in May, the Oakland, CA duo James & Evander are back with remixes from a handful of friends and sonic soul-mates to accompany their first full-length. As such, six of the album's tracks get re-imagined into even spacier and synth-laden territory by Cascine's RX Gibbs, Sweden's Bam Spacey, and Brooklyn resident Courtship, among others.

01 - Can't Forget (RX Gibbs Remix)
02 - How It Feels (The Major Cities Vs. Heart Island Remix)
03 - CTSOF (Bam Spacey's Tropical Refit)
04 - Ambigamy (Parentz Remix)
05 - Living the Dream (Courtship Remix)
06 - Nostalgia (shortcircles Remix)

James & Evander's debut LP, Bummer Pop was built on what had started as a pair of synth nerds geeking out in their apartments, last year J&E parted ways with the delicate indietronica that defined their early output, successfully adding a layer of subdued vocals to their sound with 2011’s Constellating EP.

Download: CTSOF (Bam Spacey's Tropical Refit)
Download: Bummer POP Remixes

Friday, August 17, 2012

Calling Dr. Beat

Dr Beat
, aka San Proper is a well-respected artist from the Amsterdam underground club scene. Over the last fifteen years, he has been spinning and playing live from major clubs and festivals to smaller bars and dodgy underground locations. Working close with fresh and genuine labels and organizations like Instant Replay, Rush Hour, Perlon, Dekmantel and Trouw he is known for setting the tone for quality tunes.

His first five releases with Rush Hour were based on presenting his musical friends from Amsterdam with his “Proper A’dam Family Series”, ‘Part 4’ with O-Boogie got picked up by Laurent Garnier, who did an edit of ‘Magnificent Speech Funk’. His break through record “Keep it Raw” was released on Perlon, after producing a remix for Ricardo Villalobos. From there and a few other records Dr. Beat wound up at his current home on Instant Replay Silk and has just released his latest single, FormulaMarzAgain.  Perfectly timed w/Curiosity roaming the Red Planet the tune starts off deep and disco but slowly moves into martian territory.

Download: Formula Marz Again
Watch just for the heck of it...

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Dressy Bessy Are Something To Love

As promised, Denver-based indie rock band Dressy Bessy is back with the second installment of its “Summer Singles” collection. Comprised of the songs “Something To Love” b/w “Wind Me Up”, volume two is available now via the band’s Bandcamp site. While Dressy Bessy is offering the single as a free download, donations are encouraged, as the band will forward all proceeds to Colorado wildfire relief organizations.

Dressy Bessy lead singer and guitarist, Tammy Ealom, along with lead guitarist John Hill (also of The Apples in stereo), bass player Rob Greene, and drummer Craig Gilbert are having fun releasing a series of upbeat summer pop singles, but can’t help feeling a debt to their home state of Colorado. “We’re just torn up about all of the loss involved with the wildfires here, says Hill, adding, “We can’t raise as much as some, but hope that we serve as example and make the point that every dollar counts in this situation.”

Download: Wind Me Up

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Vitalic Return!

Techno maverick, Vitalic, will release his eagerly anticipated album, ‘Rave Age’ on October 22nd through Different Recordings. Renowned for his blistering, sought after productions, Vitalic will up the ante with an incendiary, brand new live show coming to a venue near you later this year.

Mixed by legendary production wizard, Stephane Alf Briat, known for his work with Air and Phoenix, ‘Rave Age’ is a ballsy, firecracker of an album that showcases not just a passion for big room, electro smashers and electronica, but a broad set of influences that stretch from punk and film soundtracks to disco and indie dance.

Showcasing a myriad of talent roped in to give this album added punch, it features the vocal efforts of Joe Reeves (Shit Disco) on ‘Fade Away’ and ‘Next I’m Ready’. French starlets Owlle and Rebeka Warrior (Sexy Sushi) appear on ‘Under Your Sun’ and ‘La Mort Sur Le Dancefloor’. Mickael Karkousse from Belgium electro rockers, Goose, lends his skills to ‘Rave Kids Go’.

Download: No More Sleep