Thursday, December 18, 2008

Hammin It Up!

During a busy summer, backing Vic Chesnutt in Europe, touring with Elf Power, and recording with Liz Durrett as her backing band on, Outside Our Gates, Ham1 somehow found the time to hit the studio. With the help of engineer Jason Nesmith of Casper & the Cookies, they found time to record their follow-up to last year's acclaimed Orange Twin release The Captain's Table.

Named The Underground Stream, the album continues the enigmatic path charted by Ham1, a band whose sound is familiar but always hard to pin down, with influences ranging from Western surf guitar, loose Velvet Underground-style stompers, and Southern gothic ballads. It's like a scratchy, late night broadcast from a remote AM radio station that plays Link Wray back-to-back with Lou Reed. Meaning you can't change the station and you definitely can't stop listening to them.

Download: Toothless Frontlines
Download: I Wave Back
Download: Adirondack Chair
Download: The whole album....The Underground Stream

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