Wednesday, December 3, 2008

The Theater Fire is Unstoppable

The Theater Fire, a roots-influenced, seven-piece indie-pop band from Texas, releases its third LP Matter and Light on December 9th, 2008. Matter and Light contains a wide range of instruments, combining horns, pedal steel, banjo, piano, fiddle, accordion, found percussion and singing saw with the standard bass, drum and guitar lineup. The result is a distinct fusion of country, jazz, zydeco, folk, blues, and rock.

The two singer songwriters Don Feagin and Curtis Heath, along with the rest of the band, take us on a trip through the annals of music, drawing on influences such as Bob Willis, Mississippi John Hurt, George Jones, The Velvet Underground, Will Oldham and Lambchop.

Normally, I hate stuff like this. I just can't get into Americana noodling and meandering but I listened to, "Uncle Wayne," and it cracked me up. It's so melancholic and darkly funny that you can't help but like it. If this track is any indication of how the whole album is, Americana might just stand a chance in the ol' POP! lexicon.

Download: Uncle Wayne

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