Friday, July 15, 2011

All The Apparatus Can Handle

Portland, Oregon's avant-garde/indie-folk 11-piece outfit, All the Apparatus are celebrating the release of their sophomore, self-titled full-length (Faultvo Records).

The new, self-titled album from All the Apparatus is like the best pirate radio station you've ever heard, skipping around the musical spectrum, offering original gems to lovers of all genres with each song sounding almost as if a different band is playing. Forged during countless hours of street corner performances, this eleven piece band's raucous energy was captured by producer David Eaton, who formerly worked with the likes of Polyphonic Spree and Dynamite Hack. Eaton followed his ears down the city streets and found All the Apparatus playing their hearts out to Portland's pedestrians and the rest was history.

Part circus sideshow, part bourbon-soaked blues, and part enchanting musical ruckus, All the Apparatus' new album delivers a banquet of intriguing eclectic music.

Download: Lets Go Ride Bikes
Download: Portland Rose

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