Sunday, July 17, 2011

Punks Jump Up Chime In

Punks Jump Up are a bit legendary. Quickly rising to the cream of the proverbial remix and production crop, everything they've released since their humble beginnings have been fantastic. Rarely making a mis-step this is one group you can rely on for top notch work.

This is true, yet again, with their new single, Chimes pt 1. The follow up to the monstrous, "Blockhead," released earlier this year the tune is a driving & melodic electro/disco/insert genre here track with anthemic possibilities. It will be the first release on the prolific Klein Records' new off shoot alternative dance label kleinTanz (

Remixes come from the legendary dance maestro REMUTE from Hamburg, cryptic YOUNGER THAN ME a fresh name taking the London scene by surprise, golden boy of disco GOLDEN BUG from Barcelona and last but not least, SAY YES TO ANOTHER EXCESS (Danny from The C90s & Stopmakingme). This enigmatic but high scoring duo from London released their first Single on the Australian Bang Gang imprint in May.

Should you find this, download this, buy it?  Uh, yeah.

Download: Chimes (Younger Than Me Remix)

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