Thursday, November 13, 2008

Future Clouds And Radar

Austin-based Future Clouds and Radar, is an eclectic art-pop ensemble headed by Robert Harrison. They released their ambitious self-titled double disc debut last year to a degree of critical acclaim. An eclectic release that paid no attention to any set sort of template, the record hopped around genre's like the Easter Bunny.

A year later and Future Clouds and Radar are at it again. The band recently released it's latest release, Peoria, on Election Day. Where the first album showed Harrison as the central figure in a large musical cast, Future Clouds and Radar’s latest offering finds the core band focusing their kaleidoscopic vision into a single cinematic narrative about the illusory nature of mortality. Throughout the record, Harrison stays true to his genre-hopping eclecticism, leading the journey through a maze of fuzz-box vocals and ethereal keys. That of course makes for some darn fine listening and when you have a song that includes EPCOT in the title, you're going to win me over no matter what genre you play.

Download: The EPCOT View

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