Tuesday, November 18, 2008

I Got Beaten Up By Them

Logic Pole/Thrill Jockey releases the latest by Beaten By Them, Signs Of Life, a dynamic and cinematic fusion of classical influences and instrumental rock music. Their music originates in the gritty tones of Andrew Harris’s guitar and is filtered through the sensibilities of Max McCormick, whose arrangements owe more to beats-based electronic and world music than rock. Cellist Boima Tucker is a key ingredient in Beaten by Them: his performances, which are lyrical and fiery, truly define the band’s sound. The spaciousness and power of Beaten by Them’s music owe much to the spontaneity of drummer Ulf Bjorkbom, a regular player in San Francisco’s jazz scene.

They truly make music that's epic in a introspective, inner view sort of way. It's dramatic, emotional and deeply touching. In other words it might be instrumental, but it's really really good stuff.

Download: The Asiatic Capital Vista

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