Saturday, October 15, 2011

Out Of The Races And On To The Big Broom

RACES (formerly known as Black Jesus) formed in the fall of 2009 after singer/songwriter Wade Ryff escaped the sweaty grips of multiple bands, the San Fernando Valley and a real life witch. Originally formed as an impromptu group assembled for a one time performance, this haphazard ensemble of 6 musicians decided to continue playing together and see what opportunities came their way.

Despite still have a really bad name, the band's music is ridiculously good.  Sweeping, slightly large in scope, and so full of emotion that they seem to be sponsored by Kleenex RACES are very good at what they do.  This is indie rock gone wide screen and it's awesome. Their EP, Big Broom, will be released on November 15th and we're willing to race you to it.

Download: Big Broom

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