Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Sea Pinks Have Excellent Peripheral Vision

Sea Pinks are a three piece from Belfast, UK formed in 2010. Singer and guitarist Neil Brogan began to write and record songs as a side project from his other band Girls Names(in which he is the drummer) and put out a cassette album Youth is Wasted,  in September 2010 on his own label, CF/Records

The band went on to record their first studio EP a few months later.   Peripheral Vision was released in January 2011 on 12” vinyl also on CF/ Records. Like the tape, the EP quickly sold out in a matter of weeks. Now, nearly a year later, the band return with their second full length album Dead Seas which includes 10 brand new songs as well as Peripheral Vision for those who missed it the first time.

While still being rooted aesthetically in 60s garage and 80s indie pop the new songs, explore ideas around decay and renewal (both emotional and physical) as embodied by the imagery of the sea and water in general.   While that may all sound heady and overly thought out...it's not...and the songs have a fantastic jangle about them which sort of hides the fact that they can kind of be depressing.

Download: Fountain Tesserae

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