Thursday, October 13, 2011

Twiggy Frostbite Hides In The Darkness

One of our favorite bands around here is easily Twiggy Frostbite.   Sort of a splinter group of The Deer Tracks every once and a while something appears from them that leaves us in awe.   It's completely random when they show up.  In fact, we don´t know exactly when, what or even if something will happen with these guys but this is how it goes when you give an artist total freedom. No demands on format, no deadlines. no nothing...

The saga of these occasional songs is something that we don´t understand the beginning of nor the end.  It's just continued at random intervals and while we dwell into it´s beauty we can not help to wonder what will happen next. I guess that only Elin, Anna-Karin and Emma knows the answer to that question. The question is if it really matters, as long as they present such amazing fragments of beauty.

Download: In Darkness Lights Are Out

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A. Banks said...

Os Sons que você posta são tão bons!!