Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Crossing The Pond

Ok..I have to admit when I saw an email with the words POND on it, I just about had a heart attack. Yeah, I went there...I thought the old Sub Pop band was back. How awesome was would that have been. I guess a little too awesome because it wasn't to be. This POND comes to us from across one and hails from Down Under.

While not the original, this POND are a pleasant surprise. Quite good in that noisy 90's indie rock mixed with psyche pop kind of way they might just make you forget of their older twin. With fuzzy guitars, kind of screamy vocals and a quick pace these guys fully embrace the indie RAWK philosophy.

Mixed by Kevin Parker (Tame Impala) and Rob Grant at Poon's Head Studio in Perth, Beard, Wives, Denim is an audio diary of ten friends' strange, terrible and blissful time in the country trying in vain to be a wholesome family band. It sounds just like it, distorted and woozy and fractured and ultimately nostalgic and loving and coming to your closest hip and with it record vendor in 2012, through Modular Recordings.

Download: Fantastic Explosion of Time

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