Friday, January 20, 2012

Kid Blue And BIINX Team Up

Sturdy 004, My Lovin smashes forward on the hype of London’s Kid Blue. Hailing from the LOT49 stable, his talents have placed him as a pinnacle above a sea of mediocrity. With some of the thickest kicks in his arsenal, his arpeggiator lines blur the limits between a disco and a rave. Delivered with a classic vocal stab, wrapping up into a tripling, pecu­lating arp, with a squelchy monster acid bubblebath breakdown, Sturdy 004 promises to be a dance floor smasher among the party rocking tech funk masses.

BIINX, a promising new duo, present a remix with effective use of the original, adding their own flavor to synth elements during the break­down, while pushing the upper register in a screaming effort. Be on the lookout for this driven young duo.

Download: My Lovin (BIINX Remix)

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