Saturday, January 7, 2012

Ducky Isn't Quackers

aka Morgan Neiman, has a producer’s instinct and a powerful voice. She has been making music since she was 13 years old and has played alongside the likes of Japanther, Ninjasonik, Roxy Cottontail, Trouble Andrew and Action Bronson. Her latest release, The Whether EP out February 21, fearlessly explores the sinister side.

While not blatantly dark, her single "Killing Time," sounds like it is all about the weekend and lazy days while subtly being a confession about the the disintegration of a relationship.  Ducky matches a sophisticated pop sensibility to incisive vocals, addressing an absent “friend” with checked ferocity.

It's a gorgeous little tune that hints at folks like Feist, Cat Power, or 100 Target commercials rolled up into one.  And if this song is any indication of how the rest of  The Whether EP is going to be were in for an ethereal, lush, seductive early springtime treat.  Spring has a voice and it's three months early. 

Download: Killing Time

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