Thursday, August 16, 2012

Dressy Bessy Are Something To Love

As promised, Denver-based indie rock band Dressy Bessy is back with the second installment of its “Summer Singles” collection. Comprised of the songs “Something To Love” b/w “Wind Me Up”, volume two is available now via the band’s Bandcamp site. While Dressy Bessy is offering the single as a free download, donations are encouraged, as the band will forward all proceeds to Colorado wildfire relief organizations.

Dressy Bessy lead singer and guitarist, Tammy Ealom, along with lead guitarist John Hill (also of The Apples in stereo), bass player Rob Greene, and drummer Craig Gilbert are having fun releasing a series of upbeat summer pop singles, but can’t help feeling a debt to their home state of Colorado. “We’re just torn up about all of the loss involved with the wildfires here, says Hill, adding, “We can’t raise as much as some, but hope that we serve as example and make the point that every dollar counts in this situation.”

Download: Wind Me Up

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