Thursday, August 23, 2012

The Comtron Group Fights Fraud

The Comtron Group strives to be the acknowledged global 
leader in all rapidly evolving commercial markets. Unparalleled in their ability to understand market requirements, to anticipate evolving needs and to act as an indispensable resource we present to our investor relations The Comtron Groups latest innovation: 'Comtron, the electronic dance music act'

Recognizing the growing trend in mass entertainment industries, The Comtron Group acquired two Dutch producers and added them -provided with limitless financial resources and a clear set of instructions- to Comtrons vast legions of employees. These fine men took all necessary actions to create content for Comtron Groups Comtron, the electronic dance music act, resulting in tracks to be compiled on mass media carriers which will be marketed around the globe from now on under The Comtron Groups company motto: 

'Follow the Money'

Enjoy the lead single ‘Fraud’ from 099, the first EP that Comtron will be releasing on Magnetron Music.

Download: Fraud

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