Thursday, August 23, 2012

James and Evander Get Remixed

After dropping their debut LP Bummer Pop, back in May, the Oakland, CA duo James & Evander are back with remixes from a handful of friends and sonic soul-mates to accompany their first full-length. As such, six of the album's tracks get re-imagined into even spacier and synth-laden territory by Cascine's RX Gibbs, Sweden's Bam Spacey, and Brooklyn resident Courtship, among others.

01 - Can't Forget (RX Gibbs Remix)
02 - How It Feels (The Major Cities Vs. Heart Island Remix)
03 - CTSOF (Bam Spacey's Tropical Refit)
04 - Ambigamy (Parentz Remix)
05 - Living the Dream (Courtship Remix)
06 - Nostalgia (shortcircles Remix)

James & Evander's debut LP, Bummer Pop was built on what had started as a pair of synth nerds geeking out in their apartments, last year J&E parted ways with the delicate indietronica that defined their early output, successfully adding a layer of subdued vocals to their sound with 2011’s Constellating EP.

Download: CTSOF (Bam Spacey's Tropical Refit)
Download: Bummer POP Remixes

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