Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Beaten By Them Build Kinder Machines

Kinder Machines is the third full-length album from SF/NYC/Melbourne quintet Beaten by Them. Formed in San Francisco in 2005, the band has since been quietly at work, creating original and enduring experimental and cinematic post-rock music.

Recorded live to analog tape on a farm in the wine-producing region of Sonoma, California, the album is an invigorating collage of acoustic instruments and multi-layered rhythms that puts melody in the forefront.

Kinder Machines sounds huge, and is presented in a unique limited edition, individually numbered hard-cover book CD package and is released on October 16th.

Download: Salvador Divinorum

1 comment:

mondal said...

I am amazed. The music of this is AMAZING! Their voice is AMAZING! I just cant get enough!

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