Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Neov's Windvane Released

Hailing from a small village in eastern Finland, two brothers Anssi and Samuli Neuvonen started making music way back when they were children.  They formed the band Neufvoin, released a few well-received EPs and toured throughout Europe. But, after a series of line up changes, the members started a new life in 2012 under the name Neøv.

Several areas of the band's hometown, Kuopio, are built on islands as the city is surrounded by lakes. As one might suspect such an environment worked it's way into the sound of the band.  Their songs are expansive but quiet, grandiose but intimate.  And when it boils down to it...good.

They've just released a new single and Korallreven remix of 'Windvane.' Windvane previews the band's debut album, Orange Morning, to be released this winter and produced by members of Rubik.

Download: Windvane
Download: Windvane (Korallraven Remix)

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