Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Hyperheart Will Fill You Up

Unlike so many Swedish bands, Hyperheart doesn't sound frivolous, jolly, or jangly,  Oh no, Hyperheart are far to detached and electronic for that.  This is a group who embraces the stark conditions in which their country is often thrown in and use it to their advantage.  The result is clinically precise synth pop that sounds as expansive as a snow covered continent.

Hyperheart's latest single Fill Me Up is just like that...detached and epic but none the less absolutely gorgeous.  If you can imagine the Tindersticks and Depeche Mode lost in a land of synths and snow you know exactly where Hyperheart are coming from.  It's all a bit harsh and blunt but in that tough love kind of way.

Download: Swallow

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