Saturday, September 6, 2008

The Sunset

Bill Baird is the brains behind Austin based band and recording project {{{SUNSET}}}. Formed in 2006 by Baird the band has already released two full length albums on Austin label Autobus; 2007's Bright Blue Dream and 2008's The Glowing City. Both albums are literally filled to the brim with psych and shoegaze pop brilliance.

The band's music is sort of like an amalgamation of Beck, Bowie, Eno, The Flaming Lips tripped out on some Syd Barret era Pink Floyd. Currently on a white-hot creative streak, {{{SUNSET}}} is prepping even more releases for 2008.

Here's a fun fact about the band, the band tours in Baird's '84 Mercedes station wagon, which is rigged to run on waste veggie oil they're picking up from restaurants. Ridin' on 24" Dubs and fuelin' it all on grease!

Download: Zombies
Download: Graveyard Dog
Download: The World is Awaiting

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