Saturday, September 6, 2008

Swimming in The Coral Sea

The Coral Sea's lead singer and songwriter Rey Villalobos makes sure to always carry his acoustic guitar with him everywhere he goes, just in case inspiration strikes. One of such places was his car, where the rudiments of the majority of the new album were composed.

The band has created a sound that is emotional and vulnerable, as well as structured, layered with atmospheric ambiance. They have blended gorgeous orchestral arrangements with indie rock for a warm, dreamlike quality.

Think Yo La Tengo or Sigur Ros coupled with David Bowie. In describing The Coral Sea's debut album, Firelight, Relative Theory Records said, "Very few times do you see a band come out of the gates with such emotion and amazing structure as The Coral Sea. I can only hope that this is not their peak, and that The Coral Sea continues to provide us with wonderful albums in the future."

Check them out for yourselves...

Download: I Know You'll Find A Way
Download: More Than You Know

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camden said...

Captivating melodies accompany heartfelt and creative lyrics. Firelight is one of the best new albums available.