Saturday, September 13, 2008

We Landed on the Moon!

We Landed on the Moon!: John, Melissa, Josh, Jon, and Spence, recorded their self-titled debut album in 2006. The band formed after Jay Chandreskhar (Super Troopers, Beefest), asked them for a song for the soundtrack for Dukes of Hazard. Perhaps it was the tasty astronaut ice cream enclosed in each package or just dumb luck; the band, which blindly sent out their record to radio stations around the country, was a hit! After successful shows in their hometown of Baton Rouge, the quintet went on to conquer other cities around the United States in a van that ran out of Freon every hundred miles or so.

The band now brings you their second LP, These Little Wars; an album filled with beautifully intimate female vocals, whirling synthesizers stacked on interlocking guitars, danceable rhythms and wonderfully layered songwriting. In the vein of Velocity Girl or the Lemonheads, These Little Wars is a fresh take on rock with a 90s influence. The album was recorded in a place John Lambremont lovingly calls “Dead Grandma Studios”, which actually means they recorded These Little Wars in his deceased grandmother’s house. Mark Bingham (REM, Flat Duo Jets, Glenn Branca) at Piety Street, an old studio by the Bywater district of New Orleans, mixed the album.

Download: Re: Your Letter

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