Thursday, October 9, 2008

O Mother Where Are Thou

Mother Mother have done the impossible. With their 2007 Last Gang debut, Touch Up, the Vancouver quintet won over the templar of indie discretion, Pitchfork, AND vapid celebrity blogger Perez Hilton. Upon reading Perez's love of the band Lindsay Lohan ran down to Amoeba and bought a copy

Not really, but that would be pretty funny. Lilo w/taste.

With all the accolades at their back, Mother Mother returned to the studio to work up their sophomore answer to Touch Up. The result is the nostalgic, novel, profound and playful O My Heart, recorded by Howard Redekopp and overflowing with 80s new wave energy, Brit Pop cheekiness, and indie rock's rough edges.

Download: O My Heart
Download: Body of Tears

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