Tuesday, October 7, 2008

The Volcano Erupts

Volcano Suns were founded in Boston in 1983 by former Mission of Burma drummer Peter Prescott. In 1985, the band, with Jon Williams on guitar and Jeff Weigand on bass, released their debut album, The Bright Orange Years, and followed it up a year later with another classic, All Night Lotus Party. Both albums were originally released on Homestead Recordsbut have never been available on CD.

The Bright Orange Years is so chockful of catchy songs that it could be any other band's greatest hits album. The opening track, "Jak", is an addictive head-nodder from its opening bassline to its chiming chords and lyrics. By contrast, All Night Lotus Party is a heavier and darker record, with more distorted guitars and bass-heavy production.

Merge will make both albums available on CD for the first time on January 27, 2009, with reissues remastered by Bob Weston and featuring loads of bonus tracks including radio sessions and other rarities.

Download: Jak
Download: All Night Lotus Party

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