Wednesday, October 8, 2008

An Old Wolf Is A Good Wolf

Amongst the slew of frickin' Wolf bands out there, perhaps the best of the bunch is We Are Wolves. (yeah, so Wolfmother is ADDICTIVE as hell on guitar hero and every time I hear I feel the need to reach for a five button axe but We Are Wolves are better)

We Are Wolves spit and hiss and growl and scream just like their furious name might suggest. Animalistic to the bone, their sound is decidedly unique, melding the frantic buzzsaw energy of electro with the angular intensity of post-punk to create a fiery, primordial din or, you know, the sound of the Cramps making nice with Add N to X.

But no matter how you describe it, the Montreal three-piece sure has wowed a throng of people on its way to creating 2005's Non Stop J rte Plie en Duex, delivered to endless fanfare via Fat Possum, and the equally energetic (and one of the best albums of last year) Total Magique, issued last year by Dare to Care.

Amazingly the band is STILL supporting this record and if you happen to live in Canada you can catch them live. (10-17 El Mocambo Toronto, Ontario10-18 Mavericks Ottawa, Ontario) For those of you in the States they were just on the west coast last month and they didn't even head east so tough cookies...and well if you're here in Florida..there's no chance in hell they'll EVER come here, but the Doo Wop Cruise does depart nightly from Miami, Cocoa Beach, Tampa, AND Jacksonville.

So unless you like walkers and arthritis, relive a classic and...

Download: Fight and Kiss

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