Thursday, October 2, 2008

With With With Mit Mit Mit

MIT are three German teenagers who used to make noisy electronic punk and now, with their first full length CODA, have mutated their sound to hypnotic electro-neo-kraut-extravaganza. America meet Tamer, Felix, and Edi.

It’s doubtful you’ll understand anything they’re singing about, unless you speak German, but these three young men will keep you interested with all their instruments, layers, computers, and drums.

Their resulting minimal electronic punk sound is soaked with urgent rhythms, aggressive tribal drums and of course, mesmerizing synthscapes. This is the sort of stuff that will beat you up and leave and you out on your own in the cold all by your lonseome and you'll love every minute of it .

It's good stuff in that oh so German cold as ice way and that's why you need it in your life.

Download: Beispiel
Download: Zwei
Download: Park
Download: Rauch
Download: Goodbook
Download: War War Es

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