Thursday, December 16, 2010

Arveene and MiSK

Straight from the cities of Dublin and London are two young producers/DJs who over the past two years have taken the underground by storm: Arveene & MiSK.

Since the release of their massive "Hell's Bells," the duo has been on a music production mission. Their second release, which dropped on highly respected Aussie dance label Bang Gang, was the beautifully twisted piece of electro "Eavesdropper."

Since then, Arveene & MiSK, in between live performances, have been living in the studio working on their debut album.

The first offering is their new single "Love & Lust," featuring the vocals of Steo Gunn, dropping on NY-based Plant Music. Sliced, diced, and housed up, the tune is massive. Throw in some electro/funk flourishes and you have a song that will rip your feet clean off of your legs. If the album is half as good as this single...we'll be super happy.

Download: Love and Lust (Tag Team Terror Remix)

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