Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Lost On The Dead Western Plains

Dead Western Plains is a collective of young artists hailing from Tucson, AZ. They piece together copious influences to create a widely colorful and rich sound; using rhythms that often favor reverie while adding emotive melodies and maverick lyrics that leave behind a sense of wonder and charm.

"Alta" b/w "Gift Horse in the Mouth", recorded for Fort Lowell Records , is Dead Western Plains ' expressionistic debut. The group handcrafted 10+ minutes that lead the audience over hill and dale through winding musical tales of pivotal loss, Armageddon, brotherly love, haunted houses, and passionate crimes. The well-garnered compositions have a kaleidoscope of influences spanning postmodern and romantic composition, pop, hip hop, and electronic artists. "Alta" swells from beginning to end telling the story of a lonely Jesus, a botched attempt at camaraderie, and the epiphanies that come with failure. "Gift Horse in the Mouth", which summons a darker timbre from the quintet, entangles raucous guitars and ominous organs which provide the soundscape for a dire realization; everything comes to an inevitable end and the horrors that arise when one takes this certainty into their own hands.

"Alta" and "Gift Horse in the Mouth" corroborate how Dead Western Plains renders their individual experiences into an imaginative and novel sound. These two tracks, being released as Fort Lowell Records fourth installment (FLR004), shed merely a speck of light on what Dead Western Plains will offer in the future.

Download: Alta

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