Thursday, December 2, 2010

Regurgitator Throws Up A New Tune

Australian rascal art rockers, Regurgitator, are in no way new to the music industry. In fact they are veterans of the Aussie scene spawning cult classics like 'Polyester Girl', 'I like your new stuff better than your old stuff' and 'Blubber Boy' since their inception as a band in 1994.

So to have these guys back is like a gift before Christmas. Their new single, "Making No Sense," pretty much picks up right where they left off a bunch of years ago. Hitting your straight across the mouth from deep in left field, Regurgitator find grooves in all the weirdest places. It works for them and it makes, "Making No Sense," very addictive in a post-alt-rock kind of way.

"Making No Sense," is part of an ongoing plan to regularly release new material rather than focus on just doing an album. Of course Regurgitator's tongue is still firmly in the cheek and this track will no doubt go down as another classic.

Nice to have you guys back.

Download: Making No Sense

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