Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Piece De La Resistance

La Resistance is the brainchild of Greg Summerlin, who after releasing several solo albums on Superphonic Records formed the new Birmingham, Alabama band with three friends that have played with him over the past several years. The band’s debut album, Philosophy, recalls various musical influences from the last three decades. Greg is joined by Wil Drake on drums (formerly of Moses Mayfield – Columbia Records), Jake Blount on bass and Erin Tumlin on keys and vocals. Greg’s previous three albums received much critical approval and had songs that appeared in numerous TV shows and movies, including network placements on ABC and NBC.

As Greg began writing songs for Philosophy, he felt his new musical vision should be a band project and enrolled his friends to help him take the album in this direction. Some of new songs have been described as being “indie gothic pop” due to the grandiosity of the arrangements and to the synths and drum loops taking center stage in many of the tunes. The ten new songs by La Resistance represent some of Greg’s most creative and innovative work to date, which can be explained somewhat by the fact that Greg himself produced this record and had creative control over all aspects of recording and production.

It shows as well...or at least it does on the single, "Understanding." Sounding like something out of the hazy days of early 90's British pop, the song is straight out of the baggy / shoegazing pages of NME. Sounding something like the Dylans meets Edipussy, the band mix psychedelics with grooves and achieve pop bliss. If the album is half as good as this single, we're all in for a treat come February when Philosophy is released.

Download: Understanding

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