Thursday, February 3, 2011

Classic Brothers Go Off

Classic Brothers are a duo from Holland with a strong opinion about everything and work ethics you won’t easily find anywhere else. So what are they on about?

“We like simplicity with a purpose, but don’t like ‘minimal’ when that means ‘my first beat’. We love electro, but don’t understand why it has to be stuck in the 80s so often. We love clubs, but shake our heads at the music for kids-melodies that some dj’s allow in their trance. We love hip hop but sure had enough of “nothing new under the sun” again and again. We love R&B, b... Oh yadaa yadaa...We are the Classic Brothers”

Their album Off is finished and will be released in March 2011. It reflects the Brothers’ vast array of influences, from Siriusmo to Dilla, from Pharell to Mr. Oizo. Call it what you want, it has weird shifting beats, smooth female vocals, wonky basslines and adventurous arrangements.

While the album hasn't been released yet, you can enjoy their latest work below. Grab a bag of chips, crank up your speakers (sorry, ear buds have no power...get a real stereo son.)

Download: Classic Brothers - Munchies (Rimer London Remix)

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