Thursday, February 3, 2011

Holy Ghost!

Known around the globe for their party starting singles and their unparalleled ability to get bodies moving on the dance floor, Holy Ghost! have developed from an in demand DJ duo to a full live band crafting disco-tinged pop songs that satisfy equally on the dance floor and in a car. "I didn't want to limit myself to making an album that could only be played in clubs," says Alex. Nick adds, "We were trying to make something that people would want to listen to front to back at home."

The 10-song LP will include a few guest appearances from the likes of Luke Jenner from the Rapture, Chris Glover from Penguin Prison, and Michael McDonald…and yes, it is that Michael McDonald!

And despite having some of the worst lyrics on the planet (they rival Noel Gallagher's words of wisdom) the tunes are ridiculously catchy. The day dance music learns how to be literate it'll cease to be booty shaking fodder and cross over into a serious art form. Until then give praise to Holy Ghost! and give tithing's in the form of album purchases.

Download: Do It Again

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