Thursday, February 3, 2011

The Seedy Seeds Grow

The Seedy Seeds are Margaret Darling (guitar, accordion, vocals), Mike Ingram (banjo, vocals), and Brian Penick (lights, percussion). Since forming in 2005 the band have steadily built a profile for themselves throughout the Midwest and indie music community at various points sharing the stage with just about everyone under the sun.

With their new album, Verb Noun the band take their sound and expand it sound, blending elements of electronica with the typically analog sounds of banjo, strings, and vocal harmonies.

It works out pretty well. They're kind of twee, kind of jangly, kind of pogotastic. They're a little bit of everything that joyous and good about indie pop and that's what it's so easy to fall for them. The Seedy Seeds...literally will grown on you.

Download: Verb Noun

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