Thursday, February 10, 2011

Prepare The Death Kit

Death Kit is a band formed in response to a Los Angeles indie rock scene too witheringly lazy to pursue the potential and precision of electronica. To a dance music culture that’s chained to its laptops and bereft of its original sex and violence. To the cigarette-jeaned maw in their neighborhood of Echo Park who don’t take a certain joy in the craven niceness and seasonless daze of their hometown at the end of the world.

And that's why Death Kit are so good at what they do...they take a different approach.

Devadasi is Death Kit’s first single for Fort Lowell Records. There are shards of Liquid Liquid, Arvo Part, Sade and Basic Channel in it. A “devadasi” is a young woman conscripted into prostitution in the service of a Hindu deity. The B-side, meanwhile, is a remix of “I Can Make You Love Me.” It will be available from Fort Lowell on the 22nd of February.

Download: Devadasi

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