Thursday, October 8, 2009

Can I Have Your Digits

Alt Altman is Digits, a new electronic indie pop artist from Toronto, and Hold It Close is the multi-instrumentalist's first album.

A blend of indie pop songwriting and danceable electronic arrangements, Digits has been likened to the Junior Boys, Belle & Sebastian, and Broadcast. Although to me the record reminds me of early 90's Creation/Factory/Sarah records with an electronic edge, think Pacific, The Wake, etc. It's lush, detached stuff that's kind of sparse the way so many of those early 90's records were and that's why I love this record.

Hold It Close is a brooding record, with lyrical themes such as obsessive love, anxiety, and existential meaninglessness. Feel good album of the fall? Maybe not. Don't fret, it is not without a sense of humour though. The tongue-in-cheek "You're Going To Age" is a straight up disco song about the inevitability of growing old, while "Saturation" is about being overwhelmed by the availability of too much music. comment on that one.

Download: Sarah
Download: You're Going To Age

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