Thursday, October 8, 2009

WhateverWhatever I Do What I Want

The cleaning of the treasure trove continues.

We kick off today's haul with the guys of WhateverWhatever. They recently bounced back up to the top of the scene with a couple of new flawless dance floor sweepers. This time they've remixed La Roux's intoxicating 'Quicksand' and give Trouble Andrew some serious teched out mischief.

The La Roux track is a nice little work out that's got plenty of drama, a hint of darkness, and 80's alternative dance sheen to it to keep everyone sweaty on the floor. The Trouble Andrew track is a bit more sparse and makes itself comfortable with minimalistic vocal loops and some glitchy bleeps.

These guys have collectively remixed more artists than it's worth mentioning over their combined careers. They have remixes released on DFA, Rong, Mute, TommyBoy and many more.

They are true legends of NY club music and you can hear it on the tracks below.

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