Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Return of the Blog...And Evil Blog 2

For those of you wondering where the heck have I been the last two weeks, I've been away on vacation. This was a much needed event and having two weeks again from work (and blog) was a very good thing.

I spent my first week of fall vacation at Walt Disney World and ate/drank my way around EPCOT during the International Food and Wine Fest. 27 countries of amazing eating and drinking in the second most popular theme park in the the world. It's an awesome time and if you've never been, you have until November 9th to gorge yourself. Week two of fall vacation was spent visiting National Parks. Somewhat inspired by Ken Burns recent series I went up the east coast of Florida and Georgia and hit three of them and the Mighty 8th Air Force Museum and Marineland to boot.

That brings bang up to date and what a better way to start posting again with a festive treat! Evil Blog 2 is the latest mix from Low Life that simply kills.

Evil Blog 2 picks up where the mind-melting invasion of Attack of the Blog left off. This time around Buzzard Gulch & Low Life Inc. has gone to the darkest spaces to discover the most tortured sounds available. Evil Blog 2 is filled with tracks that are sure to rattle the very center of your soul.

Frederick Olufsen returns with his ‘Step One (Lacrimosa)’- a classical experiment pondering how ‘doom’ is truly the first step. Disco of Doom have crept from the trenches with a ‘Warpig’ on their stake. LaTourette mangle your ears with a double dose of debilitating madness. And The Bass Knights create an Infernal Carnival where Polymorphic and the rest of the lot may evoke your deepest nightmares.

This is not a collection for the weary heart. Your nerves will be placed at the edge, taunted by the shadows, as the haunting sounds of Evil Blog 2 engulf you from within.

You can download this or listen to Cannibal Corpse...or better yet, listen to the same time!

Download: Evil Blog 2
Purchase from Beatport HERE.

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