Friday, October 9, 2009

That's Mr. Glaswegian To You.

Kenny Glasgow is no newcomer to dance music, having put in 20 years of work as a DJ, producer and promoter, but it seems that 2009 is truly his year. His recent, long awaited, debut artist album Taste for the Low life on No.19 Music was described as “One of the most startling different and downright exciting electronic albums which will emerge this or any other year.” by DMC Update whilst IDJ said “Rarely has the man/machine balance been executed with as much mystery and panache”.

Straight from his latest EP, Something Special, comes a host of new remixes...

First of the two remixers to get their hands on ‘Jump Up in the Air’ is none other than My Favorite Robot. The Montreal boys tear in to the original parts and deliver a wonderfully brooding piece of electro tinged house music that provides a perfect bedrock for the heavily effected vocal sample.

Last but not least we have a wonderful piece of work from Andrew Vandermeer who provides an uptempo rework with a deep hypnotic groove and a superb arrangement.

Download: Jump Up In The Air (Vandermeer Mix) via Sendspace
Download: Jump Up In The Air (My Favorite Robot Mix) via Sendspace

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