Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Chasing Kings And The Current State Of Our Future

Chasing Kings make beautifully interesting music and boast live shows full of passion and glorious spontaneity. Made up of long time friends Matt Schwartz (Vocals/Keys/Guitar), Drew Beck (Guitar/Vocals), Nick Sandler (Drums), and Mike Goldman (Bass/Vocals), Chasing Kings has no member over the age of 20 but exudes an obvious maturity.

Galvanized by the opportunity to record with producer Tony Berg (Phantom Planet, Mellowdrone, Jesca Hoop), Chasing Kings hunkered down in a Brentwood studio and fine tuned the intricate and refined pop songs that would ultimately become The Current State Of Our Future EP. Said Schwartz, “We truly thought for a while that it was such a far off distant fantasy to work with someone that had done so many cool things that we really respected and thought were fucking brilliant."

The result is the band's debut EP The Current State Of Our Future, which shows a moody and dramatic band that has a fine sense of what makes a song good: melodies and hooks. Using them with precision, this is a band that manipulates their emotions into some sort of post Radiohead, Britpop stomp that's like a soaring breath of fresh air from everything else that's currently popular.

Download: Empathy
Download: The Current State Of Our Future


Anonymous said...

these tracks are amazing

Paul POP! said...

Glad you liked them! Thanks for visiting.