Sunday, December 27, 2009

Are Your Globes on Remote

Based in Los Angeles, California, Globes on Remote was formed in 2008 and named after an event that can never be retold in print.

Members of Globes on Remote are Stephen Andrews, Tawny Carson, Kevin Ignatius, and Daniel Medina. Aside from Carson (the only member actually from LA,) the remaining members come from small towns: St. Augustine, Florida, Warren, Pennsylvania, and Winters, California. All mad about music from an early age, the four members collaboratively sing and play instruments that range from guitars and synthesizers to megaphones, trumpets, and a euphonium – all are classically trained, especially in megaphoning.

The music of Globes on Remote is dancy, anthemic, and full of energy, instruments, and voices. Their songs are character-driven; wannabe stuntmen and/or spacemen, sleazy professors, carnival operators, and neurotic porn writers, all have their misadventures borne out over a beat. The band is DIY to the bone (okay, except for mastering) and all of their music is self-recorded, mixed, and produced.

Download: D.T. Lipps
Download: Space Camp

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