Thursday, December 17, 2009

We're All Futurless Now

Since the winter of 2008, The Futureless have been enticing fans across Toronto’s booming electronic scene with their unique blend of progressive trance, techno, ambiance and indie. Nolan (vocals, keys, programming), Savard (keys, bass) and Tucker (vocals, keys, programming, guitar) take dissonant fuzzy bass lines, pulsating dance rhythms and ethereal vocals and fuse them into a sound that’s as lush and moody as it is abrasive and jarring.

The net result of this is something that sounds like Depeche Mode in a bar fight with someone like VNV Nation. It's dark, ridiculously catchy, perfect for the dancefloor and dressing in black. It's goth stuff for non-goths...

Their live-set pairs live instrumentation with drum and synth samples, melded with an intense yet vulnerable stage presence that makes them “one of the most compelling underground acts in North America today. Having just released their Futura EP, and traveling across Canada, the band are heading back into the studio next year to complete their full length album.

Download: CCR
Download: Lowest of the Dead

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