Thursday, December 17, 2009

Why Write?

Jacob Faurholt is one busy guy. Having been in more bands that I could ever hope to keep track of, he's been there done that and bought a dozen t-shirts. But as usual, the desire to make music never stops and so Jacob has decided to start yet another project.

Jacob started a new musical project called Why Write?. A 5-song EP was recorded, with a more instrumentation than usual, and put together with help of several Danish musicians.

The intimate vocals and acoustic guitar that populated many of his songs were traded in for a spacey sound that harks back to the early 90’s. The EP was mixed & mastered by American producer KRAMER (Daniel Johnston, Low, Galaxie 500), and was released by the Canadian based label What A Mess! Records, Nov. 18th 2009.

Being a truly global affair, the record seems larger than life and most definitely will remind anyone old enough to remember (like me) of classic noise pop. Part shoegazing, part indie pop, and altogether good, Why Write? is the one project of Jacob's many that you won't want to miss.

Download: Burning Holes

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