Tuesday, December 22, 2009

I Love Monster Movies

Monster Movie return with Everyone Is A Ghost, the latest fuzzy downer-pop showcase from the London-based duo of Christian Savill of Slowdive and Sean Hewson of Eternal. 2010 marks the pair’s twentieth anniversary of working together and tenth anniversary recording and performing as Monster Movie. Since their inception in 2000, Savill and Hewson have been slowly developing their synth-kissed wistful and utterly distinctive sound. Everyone Is A Ghost weaves that signature sound through ten tales of misspent youth, and past loves and losses remembered.

Perhaps Monster Movie’s finest realization yet, Everyone Is A Ghost distills the sprawling and infinitely expansive floorboard-gazing fuzz-wall of Slowdive into ten perfectly-baked and intensely catchy pop songs played out on guitar, bass, piano, ukulele, percussion and a range of synthesizers. Buried deep in the duo’s carefully-crafted, hazed-out sonic mire are combinations of experimental-atmospherics ala David Bowie’s Low, flashes of dramatic ambiance, electronica-laced sunny pop nostalgia, and unparalleled male/female vocal harmonies.

Written and recorded in six cities across the U.S. and U.K in 2009, Everyone Is A Ghost features guest appearances from Ryan Graveface (Black Moth Super Rainbow, Dreamend), Sophie Pittaway and Rachel Staggs (Experimental Aircraft). Artwork was created by esteemed Rhode Island-based illustrator and musician William Schaff, who has previously set ink to paper for Godspeed! You Black Emperor, Okkervil River, Songs: Ohia, Kid Dakota and more.

Monster Movie’s Everyone Is A Ghost will be released on April 6th on Graveface Records.

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Bored Beyond Oblivion! What A Stonking Track! Can't Wait For The Album!