Wednesday, December 30, 2009

For A Lack There Of...

Tonight's Treasure Trove post comes to us from Lack There Of...

Danny Seim is mad prolific. Seriously. Before he started the acclaimed Portland, OR art rock trio Menomena (in which he drums impressively, and, along with the other two members, sings, writes, composes, arranges, deconstructs, and reassembles), he was the sole, inexhaustible, and promotion-averse member of Lackthereof. Seim still finds time for making Lackthereof recordings, which, over the project's ten year history, have ranged from lo-fi to lush, acoustic to synthetic, poppy to noisy.

A Lackthereof Retrospective 1998-2008, or I was a Christian Emo Twentysomething is the 10th full-length Lackthereof release, contains the best of Seim's Lackthereof work, selected by him from among a decade of remarkable electronic beat experiments, lo-fi indie dub, simple acoustic soundscapes, challenging art pieces, and much more.

The album is limited edition and is a pretty much essential purchase if you can find one.

Download: Safely In Jail

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